L'Azienda Agricola

The animals are an integral part of the White Rabbit family.
For children, then, they are magical but also educational moments: indeed Paola is happy to involve anyone who is eager to learn how to take care of these splendid and candid creatures. We will accompany you on a visit to our Farmhouse with animals to make you contact them directly: Rabbits, Ducks and Hens who will let you have fresh eggs every morning for breakfast! If you like, we will go together to feed and drink them, we will check if they are well and maybe… we will play a bit together!
Staying in a Farmhouse with Animals will bring you in direct contact with true nature, it will make you have personal contact with the most beautiful reality that you can find in the countryside: the animals that we are no longer used to seeing in urban centers that will keep you company during your stay in the Agriturismo, and that you will miss them very much when you return home!